Spalding Symposium Programme 2014

39th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions 2014

Luther King House, Manchester M14 5 JP



Friday 25th April

2.30 ‑ 4.20           Arrival, registration and tea

4.20 – 4.30           Welcome

4.30 ‑ 5.30           Theodore Gabriel (Gloucester):

                            Concepts of violence and peace in Hinduism: hiṃsā and ahiṃsā

5.30 – 6.30           Anna King (Winchester):

                            Peacebuilding and post-conflict recovery in Nepal: A Buddhist case study

6.30 ‑ 6.45           Announcements

6.45 ‑ 8.00           Dinner

8.00 ‑ 9.00           Asaf Sharabi and Hagar Shalev (Haifa, Israel):

From a ruler and a king to a judge and a healer: assimilation of pan-Hindu tradition, influence of technological and economical development and the different effects over the religious experience of Khas society

Saturday 26th April

8.00 ‑ 8.45           Breakfast

8.45 ‑ 9.45           Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh):

The renouncing royals of Videha across Buddhist, Jain and Hindu narratives

9.45 ‑ 10.45         James Hegarty (Cardiff):

From false teachings, failing blood-lines and toxic karma to their several opposites: the economy of religious explanation in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain narrative traditions (to c. the 6th century CE)

10.45 ‑ 11.00       Coffee

11.00 ‑ 12.00       Catherine St-Hilaire (Milan, Italy):

                            A journey to Punjab, ‘here and there’, and Sikh identity in Birmingham

12.00 ‑ 1.00         Eleanor Nesbitt (Warwick):

‘The fool quarrels about flesh and meat’: Khalsa Sikh groups and vegetarianism

1.00 ‑ 2.00           Lunch

2.00 ‑ 3.00           Martin Wood (Bath Spa):

Blessed food from Jalarām’s kitchen: narrative, continuity and service among Jalarām Bāpā devotees in London

3.00 ‑ 4.00           Catherine Robinson (Bath Spa):

                            One hundred years on: Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims on the Western Front

4.00 ‑ 4.30           Tea

4.30 ‑ 5.30           Rupa Pillai (Oregon, USA):

                            A village puja in the city: Caribbean Hindus in New York

5.30 ‑ 6.30           Dhrubajyoti Sarkar (Kalyani, West Bengal, India):

                            Prophet in the sin city: revisiting Ramakrishna’s Calcutta

6.30 ‑ 7.30           Dinner

7.30 ‑ 8.30           Valerie Roebuck (Manchester):

                            Missing cat: in search of the feline in Indian traditions

Sunday 27th April

8.00 ‑ 8.45           Breakfast

8.45 ‑ 9.45           Alice Collett (York St. John):

Monumental differences: male-female teacher-disciple relations according to Buddhist monument inscriptions

9.45 ‑ 10.45         Lalan Jha (Nalanda, Bihar, India):

A critical appraisal of vimutti (liberation) as depicted in Theravāda Buddhism and Hinduism

10.45 ‑ 11.00       Coffee

11.00 ‑ 12.00       Mahinda Deegalle (Bath Spa):

Buddhist extremist confrontations with ethnic and religious minorities in contemporary Sri Lanka

12.00 ‑ 1.00         Robert Leach (Zürich):

                            Orthodoxy, traditionalism and the five knowledges

1.00                     Lunch and depart

The 39th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions

The 39th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions

25th-27th April 2014

 The Spalding Symposium, which is supported by The Spalding Trust is an annual conference bringing together scholars from many disciplines who are working in the general areas of Indic Studies. Papers on Jain, Hindu, Buddhist, Parsi, Sikh and sub-continental Christianity or Islam are welcome, as are those that examine Indian religions as diasporic or global communities. Each paper usually takes 45 minute papers, with 15 minutes for discussion.

It is expected that a selection of papers from the Symposium will be published in our peer-reviewed journal, Religions of South Asia (RoSA). However, giving a paper at the Symposium does not guarantee inclusion in the journal.

Speakers, papers and a provisional programme will be posted on the Spalding website as soon as they become available.