The Spalding Symposium Committee

Dr Naomi Appleton – Convenor

Dr Nick Swann – Treasurer

Dr Lynn Foulston – Secretary

Dr Anna King

Dr Dermot Killingley

Dr Catherine Robinson

Dr Mahinda Degalle


7 comments on “Contacts

  1. Dr.Niral Patel says:

    Dear comittee members,
    i am informed very late about this conference
    myself Dr. Niral.D.Patel.please concider my application
    to present a paper on “why hindu god & godess are combined with

    • india900 says:

      Dear Dr Patel,

      I fear that your offer a of a paper may be too late for this year’s symposium. However, I will send this on to the Spalding committee for their consideration.

      Lynn Foulston

  2. Florence says:

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility to attend a part of the symposium if I am not presenting? Thank you.

  3. Nippon barua says:

    Dear Sir / madam
    I ven . Nippon barua a Buddhist monk from chittagong Bangladesh would like to attend at this conference
    So I blessing to say for giving me a invitation
    Passport no : 8028538

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