Religions of South Asia is a development of the work of the Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions, which has been meeting since the mid 1970s and is supported by the Spalding Trust. ROSA publishes papers by internationally respected scholars on some of the most vibrant and dynamic religious traditions of the world.  It includes the latest research on distinctively South Asian or Indic religions – Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist and Sikh – religions which continue to influence the patterns of thought and ways of life of millions of people.  These are traditions which are integral not only to the development of the cultural identities of India and South Asia, but to those of many diaspora communities globally.  The Journal also includes papers on those religions originating from outside the sub-continent  – Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Zoroastrian traditions and newly emerging religions like the Baha’i tradition, which are developing a significant presence in South Asia. Papers are particularly welcomed that discuss the confluence of religious cultures and inter-cultural encounters.

Anna King, University of Winchester
Dermot Killingley, Newcastle University
Simon Brodbeck, Cardiff University

Book Review Editor
Suzanne Newcombe, Inform

Please send books for review to:
Suzanne Newcombe
Reviews Editor, Religions of South Asia
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

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